Strawberries make a fine mess

Eton MessYou need few ingredients to make an Eton mess and the best season to serve this lovely English dessert is the summer: fresh stawberries yay! However, if you’re craving for a cold and easy-to-make recipe during other seasons you may use frozen fruit (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries).

This version includes app. 280 ml of Greek yoghurt, a large meringue, 500 gr of strawberries and whipped cream (app. 200 ml). Serves four people with a good appetite.

I like to work in layers: pour some yoghurt in a large bowl, add a bit of whipped cream and slice the strawberries in half. Crumble part of the meringue, then repeat the procedure.

*I don’t bake the meringue myself because it only costs € 2 max. and is available (sometimes in organic version) in the bakery section of the local supermarket or at the baker’s. It’s made of egg-white and powdersugar. When compared to ‘usual’ yoghurt Greek yoghurt tastes much softer.

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