Brussels: where’s my coffee?

KarsmakersWhen getting off the train at Brussels’ Luxemburg station (main entry hall), a nice Bagel and coffee bar drew my attention accross the street.
Karsmakers serves a filter coffee with a rich and fruity flavour.
They have an impressive selection of cakes, ranging from pear cake, marble cake, ginger cake, carrot cake and much more. The banana cake is sweet and sticky, but not too heavy.
I ate a cream cheese and tomato bagel, which would have tasted even better if the bread came straight from a bakery.
The staff members are friendly and multilingual.

Find them at: Rue de Trèves 20 – 1050 Brussels (Belgium)
They are situated a few steps from the famous ‘place Lux’, where you’ll find numerous bars. The European parliament is nearby, as is the museum for natural science. Buses 95 and 38 have stops nearby.

It would be good to have more coffeebars in central Brussels, and to increase their visibility. I’ve known the city for years and lately find myself thinking: where can I get some good coffee in a nice cosy setting? Dear reader, don’t hesitate to ask or share some of your favourite good coffee-places in the Belgian capital.

    1. Dear friend, thanks for your comment! That is what I’m trying to do: discover the good places in Brussels. Coffee lovers recommend good places to me in other cities but Brussels seems to be ‘terra incognita’ on the coffee-map.


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