Kramiekske - Bakery in Nieuwpoort (Belgium)
Kramiekske – Bakery in Nieuwpoort (Belgium)

(Dutch summary below)

I had been patient for five days by not buying coffee…It wasn’t for dietary reasons or to ‘cut back on caffeine’ (who would?). I planned a weekend in Nieuwpoort- a Belgian coastal town- and decided to have a good coffee treat on Saturday.

I was advised to check ‘ a bakery where they have really good stuff’, which turns out to be Kramiekske. The pies in the window are very promising and drew me in as a fish by a worm on a hook (with a different end ofcourse). I had a slice of layered caramel, meringue and cream pie with a tasty cappuccino. At Kramiekske they serve classic pies and pastry in a calm, cosy interior with original colour schemes where you can really relax while friendly, motivated staff bring your order.

Kramiekske in Nieuwpoort is een gezellige bakkerij/tearoom waar je op het gemak kan genieten van een klassiek stukje taart (caramel, bresilienne, citroentaart e.a) met een goede kop koffie of thee erbij. De leuke kleur-accenten van het interieur en vriendelijk personeel maken het geheel compleet-

Address: Albert 1 Laan 259A, 8620 Nieuwpoort – 058 23 56 69



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