Kitchen Companion

The Bialetti machine (dismantled)
The Bialetti machine (dismantled)

I’m more than enthusiastic about the latest new member of my kitchen: a moka espresso maker by Bialetti.
While on a holiday I looked for some kind of appliance to brew my coffee in the morning. My host had an espresso maker and luckily a few years earlier a flatmate told me how this curious object works.
Then came the quest for ground coffee. The holiday apartment had loads of tea in its cupboards…but where was the black gold that I so (desperately) need to start the day?
After close inspection I found hazelnut coffee. This type of coffee, as a shopkeeper told me, is either the result of hazelnuts being added during the roasting process, or the outcome of ground hazelnuts that are mixed with the coffee (which is roasted on its own).
Anyway, it’s my new favourite and it tasted so good in the espresso maker!
Bialetti espresso makers are quick and easy to use. They work by being placed on a heat source such as an electric or gas cooker and are very affordable. Mine was purchased in a shop that sells small kitchen appliances such as toasters and baking utensils.


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