Papounet’s couscous against panic

Couscous makes good comfort food. Because boy did I need comfort and calming down a few weeks ago. I used to scramble down my writings in the ‘drafts’ part of wordpress before publishing. One day I logged in and read the words ‘NO DRAFTS’. They might as well have told me “there’s a boa constrictor in your bathroom”. A large one, with an A+ for constricting… I started panicking. Several features had disappeared from the dashboard, such as wp administrator and media library. I posted the case on the forum, but without receiving an answer. Somehow, today the drafts have re-appeared. Christmas magic? I somehow managed to retreive my second article on Sweden, but felt tired and nervous afterwards. It was way past dinnertime, and very near bedtime. Luckily my dad had made a batch of couscous earlier that week, and insisted I took some home. Couscous is made from grains. This food is made with a steamer (and tastes heavenly when you add some butter). In papounet’s version a sauce with chickpeas,olives,cowmeat and sometimes even shrimps is poured on top. The dish originates from North Africa. That couscous was so good it made me smile, the evil IT perils seemed less worse.


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