Did I have coffee with Maurice?

Coffee and fun at Maurice coffee and knits in Antwerp
Coffee and fun at Maurice coffee and knits in Antwerp

Not quite…I had a capuccino actually. Are the golden letters in celebration of Maurice’s birthday? Who knows…
What I do know is that they have some pretty good capuccino at Maurice. With enough milk, just the way I like it, without even asking.
Maurice is the name of Veronique Leysen’s Antwerp based coffee bar. I heard Veronique talk about her professional plans in a Belgian tv show a few years ago. She named her coffee house after her grandfather, whose picture is proudly displayed above the counter. This young lady also sells knitwear (e.g. scarves, pullovers) in a corner of her coffee house. This sounded so original I decided to visit ‘Maurice’ the next time I was in the neighborhood, which was last weekend. They were open and I wasn’t in a rush. If a coffeebar is on my ‘to drink’ list I will get there, sooner or later…

You can find Maurice at the end of the Meir, the well known and large shopping street of Antwerp. You know, just in case you get hungry and/or tired from all your shopping…the entry is through the KBC bank (they share the ground floor)

Address: Schoenmarkt 35
2000 Antwerpen


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