A Fresh Start…


Last week I received the news that my work situation will soon change drastically. Talking about monday blues…

It shook up my whole week, and my plan to publish a new read at the end of each month on this platform. I didn’t want to post a draft coffee review because it was time to contemplate, to reflect and… to look forward.

Time for a fresh start. To do more things that bring me joy and help me evolve. Time to write more, because that’s what I do. I don’t need anyone’s permission to write or to confirm that I’m a writer. I just am. Time for a vacation, to allow myself more freedom, and to enjoy good coffee and good food.

So, what’s next? With my work situation… I don’t know yet. I’ll allow myself some time to figure that one out. What’s next coffee- and travelwise? I will travel to Germany in a few weeks, so expect a review about my culinary adventures there, publishing time: beginning of May.

Good night, day or mid day where ever you are




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