2 years of coffee and travelling…

peaches and golden ringThe Aypau blog is 2 years old this month, meaning 24 months of coffee and food reviews mixed with travel stories and blogposts about cities and work.

One of the original ideas with this blog was to write coffee reviews. However, I don’t spend all my days in coffee bars, and quickly decided to opt for the “I’ll write a review each time I visit a place that really impresses me” instead of “quantity over quality.” It’s about more than just drinking coffee and eating a slice of cake. Writing these reviews means taking a very good look around the cities I visit, spotting a nice coffee bar, being impressed and producing a post. This can take some time, because not every city hosts cosy coffee-places that pop up on every corner of the street. It also means tasting your beverage properly, trying to describe it with some detail, looking at the menu to see what other treats the bar offers.

Other than coffee, I’ve always been interested to see (and taste) what happens abroad. I so enjoy travelling, which has found it’s written way to this blog. You can expect a review on Warsaw (Poland) as from the second half of August.
I have ideas for other articles as well, more details will be released during the months to come. What I can tell you is that this blog will host a pop-up section: combining my interest in decoration, pure beauty products,… with inspiration drawn from other online platforms. The main part of my blog will continue to focus on coffee, food, travelling and work, so consider the pop-up as an addition, an experiment.
That’s all for now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my birthday (yes) with some chocolate and a film.


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