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cashew milk

As promised in the previous post I’m sharing some home made food and drink stories as part of the Less Waste journey (part 3) this month.

  1. Home made cashew milk

The plant based milk I usually buy comes in quantities of 1L. I often don’t use it completely within 10 days and end up pouring at least a quarter of it away. Because I want to avoid both this and the (plant) milk carton it seemed like a good idea to make cashew milk!

Let a cup of cashew nuts soak in a bowl of water overnight. Mix them in a blender. My blender is small and simple but it does the trick. No need to mix it into a paste, a crumbly texture will do. 
Add water and pour this mixture through a cheesecloth (or a clean cotton kitchen towel) into another container. You now have cashew milk! Sweeten as desired (with aguave syrup for instance, stir well). I love to add some vanilla to this! You can re-purpose the leftover cashew ‘waste’ by making raw cashew balls for instance ( tip from sustainably vegan).

+ home made cashew milk is tasty and I’m always proud to make something from scratch

– this version doesn’t last as long as the plant milk from the shop, which doesn’t contains any additives either. My milk goes off after 3 days : (
I either have to use it asap or meal prep: for instance make the plant milk ahead to  bake pancakes/dessert/…
 It doesn’t come cheaper than buying plant milk from the shop

2. Pizzzza, mmm

A quick and practical solution is to buy the dough ready-made. However, in my supermarket it comes wrapped in plastic. So, time to get creative and make some dough!

The recipe: ( for 2 people or 1 very hungry person). Gently mix 125 gr of flour with 3,5 gr of yeast and add 125 ml of hot water. Knead this mixture and let it rest/rise for +- half an hour. Knead it again for a few minutes and roll it out. Garnish the pizza with passata (tomato puree) and the toppings you like (mozzarella, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes,…). Sprinkle grated cheese over the pizza and bake in the oven for +- 30 min on 200°C. Note: every oven is different and my pizza needed to bake longer than what most recipes recommend (might also be due to the fact that my dough was too wet). So remain in the kitchen and test with a fork or skewer to see if the dough is baked enough.

+ It tastes gooood!

– I got a bit too enthusiastic when adding water to the dough and ran out of flour to correct this. Thus the dough was a bit too wet. Even though (get it? : ) I added the necessary yeast the dough didn’t rise properly. But, as mentioned above it tasted remarkably good. I told you it would be trial and error…
My countertop was a mess, I literally had to scrape bits of dough off and spent quite some time getting the kitchen utensils to their normal state again.

Next time: Time to get pretty: Sustainable Cosmetics

See you next month!

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