Coffee and Computers

Drinking Cappuccino with Mrs. VE

What do coffee and computers have in common?

When you spend hours behind a computer screen, a caffeine boost can be very welcome. Drinking coffee is often a habit: as soon as I arrive at work and switch the PC on, I immediately head for the kitchen to get a cup of my favorite hot beverage.
Other than getting a boost or having coffee as a habit, drinking coffee can also be a ritual, something you do to relax. It gets even better when a coffeebar has technological treats as well, such as Ion in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
I spotted the store by the ‘May the coffee be with you’ message on Ion’s window. Star Wars reference, need for a cappuccino in the afternoon and minimalist interior: I’m in!

The Ion store sells refurbished Apple products and they have a repair service. They’re conveniently located at the Johan de Wittstraat 162A, right between the Dordrecht train station and the city centre.
Ion opened about a year ago, it’s a trendy and modern addition to the oldest city of the Netherlands.  Other than handling the technical and sales side of the Apple products, the manager received training to skillfully use a La Marzocco espresso machine. I’m positively impressed by the cool combination of skills this startup has going.

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