Less Waste: a final update


Producing less waste was my New Year’s resolution. Over the past few months I tried different methods and tested which ones worked best for me. For the readers who don’t know what the concept of Less Waste or Zero Waste means: it entails consuming e.g food, drinks, cosmetics,… in a more sustainable way. This works by avoiding single-use items such as plastic straws, plastic wrapping, plastic cups etc…

This article is the last in my Less Waste series. To end this series -not the challenge itself- in a fun way I made a video about buying in bulk and recyclable items from the organic store. Click here to watch it on You Tube. My brother assisted during the filming, we made jokes and had a good time. it’s the first video I ever edited.

Why am I ending the series? Because at this point the Zero Waste or Less Waste methods I’ve been using since the end of last year aren’t going to evolve significantly because they work well. I buy soda or lemonade in recyclable glass bottles, don’t use plastic drinking cups, try to privilege cardboard over plastic wrapping, use a thermos or vacuum flask for coffee-to go, etc.

Time to spill the tea: I’m by no means completely or fully Zero Waste. To make a Zero Waste or Less Waste lifestyle work long term it’s important to choose methods that are compatible with how and where you live.
To read more in-depth about those methods (and the trial & error that came along with trying them) you can click on the following articles: Less Waste (intro) – Home MadeSustainable CosmeticsGrocery Shopping

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