It’s time for Berlin

Whether you’re a visitor or a new resident, you’ll quickly notice that Berlin, which is about eight times the size of Paris, has so much to offer no matter the purpose of your stay.
So, what can you do in the German capital? That question deserves a long answer, so I suggest a different question: what are you interested in? Plant based food and cooking, or history? Do you like small, independent, handmade clothing stores? Are you a photographer or visiting the city with your kids? The city has answers for all of you.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

When I hear the words ‘German Food’ I spontaneously think of Bratwurst or Sahne. However, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, various other food options are available in Germany (not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of Bratwurst though). There are lots of tasty kebab shops, vegetarian and vegan eateries, and don’t get me started on the ice cream, mjam!

Emmapea restaurant & Bar

Emmapea is situated at Revaler Straße 99 in the Friedrichshain district, which is one of my favourite places to hang out. Revaler Straße also hosts an art gallery, open air bar, indoor skate park and huge artsy graffiti walls.

I ate a black bean cheeseburger with pickles and sweet potato fries. The menu also had zucchini spaghetti, quesadilla with sweet potatoes and other treats on offer.  The restaurant is small and cosy, offering outside seats as well. The staff is friendly. Good to know: Emmapea is vegan.

Cool down…

In Warsaw it’s Łody, in Berlin its Eis. You can eat mouth-watering ice cream (have you heard of the flavour avocado yet?) at various parlours in Berlin. However, I was particularly impressed by California Pops, who take popsicles to the next level.
The colours of these cold treats are absolutely poppin’, some are half green and half red. They also come in different shapes: a chocolate popsicle has the shape of a chocolate bar for instance.
Their flavours are interesting combinations: cheesecake and blueberry on a stick for instance, who would have thought of that?

+Nice treat for kids, because everybody ♥ ice cream, right?

You can find them at Eberswalder Str. 32 in the Prenzlauer Berg district or in Kreuzberg (Falckensteinstr. 4).

Beautiful ancient things

No, I’m not talking about vampires…

This chapter is about some of the beautiful musea Berlin has to offer, my favourites are located on the museum island (Museuminsel). Musea such as the Pergamon look interesting on the outside as well, if you want to do a photoshoot with this museum in the background I totally recommend it (if you arrive very early though to avoid crowds). Inside the pergamon you’ll find ancient Greek and Roman art, as well as treasures from the Middle East.

Neues Museum BerlinAs someone who’s overly enthusiastic about ancient Egyptian art I had to visit the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung. This collection is currently housed in the Neues Museum in the Bodenstraβe, also situated on the Museuminsel. The museum’s courtyard has a small garden and a beautiful gallery with pillars (again, great for taking pictures).

Comfortable Fashion with a twist

I appreciate clothes that feel comfortable, airy and that have a special something about them. While strolling around in Friedrichshain, Judith Schmider’s t-shirts, blouses and jackets with interesting patterns caught my eye.
Judith selects the clothes in small quantities, with an eye for detail. Thus you won’t encounter dozens of other people wearing the same item as you, which I quite like.
One of the brands she sells that I’m really fond of is Free Sisters, which is made in Berlin.

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