Preparing for Halloween


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… after Christmas, that is.

I’ve been looking forward to halloween since this summer. For someone who also celebrates this yearly event that might sound quite normal. In my home country Belgium, where halloween is less known, that actually sounds a bit strange. Some members of the family don’t quite understand my ‘obsession’ with halloween.

“What kind of a person thinks of halloween in the summer”

Anyway, once they see the decorations I usually sense a little more enthusiasm.
This year I’ll dress like a vampire. As I’m a bit too old to go on a solo trick or treat mission my youngest brother will come along. He wants to dress up as Frankenstein, and he loves fangs so that should be an interesting hybrid combination. #Frankenfang

A great source of inspiration when it comes to special effects (FX) make-up is You Tube channel Glam&Gore. Creator and make-up artist Mykie is fascinated by horror movies, creepy creatures and science fiction. Being a vampire movie enthusiast and fascinated by the Alien franchise (Ridley Scott) I can relate to her content.
The sky is slowly turning grey, can’t wait until nightfall…

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