It’s Somebody’s Birthday…

Cause for celebration: the blog is 4 years old! Four years of documented caffeine mischief, mixed with chocolate and a good dose of curiosity.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane: I started this blog in 2015 while living in Holland. At the time I had an idea to write a book about coffee bars, however my friend Yves suggested to go digital instead of publishing in print so blogging it became. Mastering the technical part of blogging was fine due to what I learned during a communications internship a year before. The ‘can do’ attitude, ambition and ‘kom op joh’ spirit of the Dutch were a good motivation as too. After writing a blog post about coffee bar Kaffeenini in Antwerpen I quickly started to write about other passions as well. I did limit the topics to coffee, travel, food and career info. Otherwise you would see articles about velociraptors on the blog (yes, really). I wrote a ‘review’ about Jurassic World, which is now set on ‘private mode’, probably for the best…

What’s different about 2018-2019 is that I started freelancing as a content writer. Besides a passion project the blog is now also my portfolio.What you can expect during the following months is an article about German pastry – I’m currently staying in Berlin- and publications on freelancing and co-working.

Lest I forget it’s not only this blog’s birthday but also mine this month; there will be more pastry consumption than usual next week

* kom op joh means something along the lines of come on then / get on with it


  1. Gefeliciteerd!*
    I would still love to see the coffee book come to life. Also… I’m intrigued by the Jurassic post now ;-)

    *gefeliciteerd means congratulations, felicitations, best wishes, it’s a form of praise, cheers, salutes.

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    1. Aww, thanks. about the jurassic post: I can’t really be objective about T-rex & co because I love dinosaurs so much – and got distracted by Chris Pratt :)


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