Ecoffee cup: the stylish reusable cup

I’m on a mission! Meaning: I’m searching for a thermos flask alternative, one that’ll fit under a coffee/espresso machine. A lighter and slightly smaller recipient.
(for those of you who expect a ‘use what’s already in your cupboard or raid your mums kitchen cabinets’ article, this is not it ;)

While browsing through the local organic store I found a collection of Ecoffee cups , their colourful and bright design make it nearly impossible to ignore them.
Ecoffee designs cups with detailed patterns (flowers, geometrical,…) and has got the minimalists covered as well with monochrome versions.
Soon the question ‘which one shall I choose’ pops up. I shortlist a soft, nude coloured coffee cup, a refreshing mint one and the black cup named ‘dark energy’. I go for a ‘darth vader vibe’ – imagining that if he drank coffee it would surely be from a dark cup. (and you thought it was all midi-chlorians huh)

And now on to the technical stuff, because there’s a reason why the cup is so light: it’s made from natural fibre, corn starch and resin. The lid and practical sleeve are made from silicone. I’ve been using my coffee cup for more than six months and it’s still as new. My coffee stays warm for about 90 mins, which comes in handy if you’re so focused you forget to regularly take a sip.

So what happened to that thermos flask I mentioned at the beginning of this article? We haven’t quite parted ways as I now use it to keep my water/lemonade cool during the summer.

*catch me at the local organic store on youtube

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