Choc review # 1: Fine Dark Cassis from Vivani

Hello, it’s me: a dark, cassis flavoured artistic chocolate.
Why do come in!

I expected a solid tablet of dark chocolate with pieces of dried blackcurrant however to my pleasant surprise this delectable treat is filled with cassis cream (not to be confused with crème de cassis which is French liquor).

When your teeth break the outer layer of dark 60% chocolate, a pleasant short crunch releases the smooth cassis filling (talk about a mindfulness exercise). The combination of dark chocolate and blackcurrant cream is sugary but a successful, rather balanced combination.

+organic, recyclable, produced without child labour, artsy packaging

! this chocolate is best savoured in small quantities, which is actually a rather positive point: make those 100 grams last! Fine Dark Cassis contains butterfat and yoghurt powder: if you don’t consume lactose then check Vivani’s several vegan alternatives.

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