Choc review #2: White Almond Bliss by Vego

As you might have read in the first chocolate review post I’m on a ‘kind of quest’ to find white chocolate that I can appreciate taste- and quality wise. There have been some experiments…

A high content of concentrated milk solids (and sugar) might be the reason why I’m not keen on the taste of white chocolate so instead I opted for a vegan alternative by the brand Vego . When tasting the white almond bliss bar a good dose of almonds provides an enjoyable crunch, this sensation is quickly followed by a wonderfully creamy consistency. The little treat is quite sweet but not to the point where it gets overbearing.

I mentioned above that the bliss bar is an alternative, marketed as a white cacao product because in order to be sold as white chocolate a product must contain (a certain percentage of) milk solids. White chocolate or not, I’m convinced by the Vego bar.
Does this mean that my quest for tasty white chocolate is over? Not quite, I will keep tasting and writing, how can I not especially after several tips and ideas I receive from friends and fellow bloggers…

+ lactose and gluten free, 84% Fairtrade ingredients

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