Choc review # 3: Venezuela milk by Van Dender

After writing about dark and white chocolate in the previous reviews as well as sampling different brands (this is hard work folks ;) I was really keen on finding a balanced milk chocolate bar while shopping for the weekly groceries. Lo and behold: I found a bean to bar brand in my local grocery store with a quite pleasant milk chocolate option.

This bar has some very classy & cool lettering going on, yes the aesthetics are important too! As the chocolate tablet is thin it has a quick pleasant bite to it, you can break it into cute little squares, possibly so that you don’t eat the whole thing at once but then again maybe you are better at restraining yourself than I am.

The 44% Venezuela Milk bar has a soft touch and smooth, creamy taste. I find it has medium to high complexity plus intensity and is well balanced.

Now what does the term bean to bar mean? It refers to a process where the chocolate maker handles the production from A to Z, which includes purchasing the raw materials (cocoa beans) directly from the farmer or cooperative, roasting and further processing until the final product is obtained: the chocolate you buy in the (online) shop.

Owner of the brand Van Dender is Belgian pâtissier and chocolatier Herman Van Dender who has been making bean to bar chocolate since 2014. Flemish readers who watch Bake Off Vlaanderen will recognize Herman as one of the jury members in this delectable tv-show.

+ made in Belgium, if you want to support a Belgian chocolate producer enjoying this treat is the way to do it.

+ not too sugary, which allows the chocolate’s flavours to come out nicely

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