Choc review #4: Dark Chocolate with Earl Grey tea by Tohi

Reviewing chocolate since April of this year (a.k.a eating more chocolate than before, let’s be honest) made me appreciate the complex flavours of dark chocolate more.
This month I want to present the 74% dark chocolate with Earl Grey tea by Tohi to you. Tohi is an organic and fair trade brand that was created by the Belgian chocolate company Dolfin.  This combination of Earl Grey tea with dark chocolate is quite interesting, both balance each other out nicely without either of them becoming too dominant. 

I’ve used the Chocolate sensory wheel by Barry Callebaut to describe the chocolate in greater depth. Yes, this requires tasting the chocolate slowly and mindfully. Of course one can taste repeatedly :)

As you can expect with a 74% dark chocolate its taste is characterised by bitterness. The amount of added sugar is acceptable and the chocolate’s cocoa aroma comes out nicely. An astringent mouthfeel may also be linked to the bergamot in the Earl Grey tea. The Tohi chocolate has a powdery touch and a rather slow melting rate (when held in your hand). Very pleasant cacao scent followed by a fresh citrus smell, similar taste with a light sugary taste at the end. 

+ Tohi uses Fair trade products / raw materials

+ cute packaging

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