Choc Review #5 Dark Strawberry Balsamico by Delicata

Delicata knows how to catch your attention with fresh, minimalistic yet luscious packaging of this dark chocolate. I’m very curious about the combination of balsamic vinegar & strawberry!

After being greeted by a sugary scent you can pick up a citrus-like fragrance. One of my favourite features of this chocolate are the bits of chewy strawberry.
The 58% of cacao leaves enough room for the sweetness to come through, although I wouldn’t mind a higher cacao percentage for this tablet, the fruit would balance it out.
When assessing the aroma it’s easy to discern a fruity one and a red-fruit sub aroma although I wonder if the presence of 3% strawberry is entirely responsible for this: the ingredient list shows a presence of added citrus fibre and apple.
One thing I’m missing while tasting is a little touch of balsamico vinegar. Vinegar can be overpowering, so I understand that too much would be off-putting, however the 0,4 % presence of balsamico doesn’t make a difference.
This tablet is fun, sweet but still layered and interesting: I’ve eaten 3 tablets so far so yes it keeps me coming back for more!

You can find this brand at Delhaize (Belgium) and Albert Heijn (The Netherlands and BE) . AH offers Delicata tablets in even more flavours such as the promising blueberry/violet (can’t wait to get my hands on one of those)

  1. Wie nu nog geen zin heeft in chocolade dan weet ik het niet meer!
    Mijn smaakpapillen kunnen niet volgen,wat een beschrijving van smaken!


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