Veggie inspo & blog updates

Ever find yourself wondering what to cook tomorrow or during the rest of the week? Soup: no, spaghetti: no, lasagna: tasty but time consuming so no, and the list goes on for a while…

I picked up Delhaize’s magazine while shopping and got inspired by a veggie dish for which all ingredients were available in store. Of course this is a clever idea of the grocery store, although it comes in very handy if you don’t want to visit three different stores just to get all the ingredients #aintnobodygottimeforthat.
The veggie dish combines both fruit such as mango and avocado with asparagus, cherry tomato and radish on the vegetable front with refreshing mint leaves. Hummus and red beet goat cheese provide proteins so you won’t feel hungry again quickly. And yes, this dish looks good on insta so I recreated it.

+ if you don’t like certain types of fruit/veggies or you forgot to add the pomegrenate like I did: don’t worry, there’s plenty of variation in this dish so leaving something out or replacing it is a-okay!

There have been few posts on this blog since the beginning of the year and there’s a reason for that : I started a full time position with an organisation that offers intergenerational coaching. Although this job is fulfilling I haven’t been able to write as often as I’d like, time wise.

There will be some new articles on the blog: about coffee, work and hopefully another interview. So you see, #bloggingisnotdead. Boy I’m really getting the hang of these hashtags!

Have a great spring season,


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