Coffee in Wawa – Poland

Poland’s capital city Warszawa is the home of many culinary treats. Because treats need to be accompanied by something nice to drink I set out on a coffeebar search and found Emesen.

This kawiarnia or coffee bar is located close to the central station. The staff from Emesen put a sign on the Emilii Plater street so you can find their place in the small Ul. Pańska nr 3 more easily.
As you can see in the picture, the many books are the first thing you notice when entering. The coffee bar shares the ground floor with a small bookshop on the left and an exhibition space on the right. You can purchase amazing books about interior design, architecture, movies,…  and even a book about 19th century anatomy. How about that?

I drank a simple but good, reliable cup of moka (not mocca). The friendly girl behind the counter answered my question about the different coffee-making methods used in Emesen: woodneck, aeropress, chemex, drip, cold brew. And yes you can also order a flat white, mocca or capuccino. Or all of the aforementioned together with a brownie so you can stay awake forever! Just kidding…


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