Tiny House Vacation in the Fichtelgebirge

As a tiny house enthusiast who first heard about this phenomenon through YouTube I became very curious to see a tiny house in real life. A seed was planted and in 2019 the idea to actually build a tiny home kept growing in my mind. At the time I lived in Berlin so my focus was on visiting tiny house projects in Germany. I found an inspiring project in South-East Germany: the Tiny House Village.

The Village consists of several tiny house owners who live on a former camping terrain next to a forest in the Fichtelgebirge (Fichtel mountains). Two to three tiny houses are each bookable  as a vacation house for people who want to experience tiny living.

Not only can you enjoy a cosy stay in one of these little homes, the surrounding area is very peaceful, quiet and it comes with stunning views of the forest and nearby mountains.

I bet you’d like to know what a tiny house looks like on the inside so let’s dive into that right now!

tiny house interior

The internal dimension of the house in the pictures is (give or take) between 12-16 m². If you book a tiny house for a stay with one or two small children the house will be larger.  A regular size shower and toilet are available and the tiny house is connected to the electricity grid and water supply.   The home is heated ceramically through stone tablets by Zinipi, which are available both in the bathroom and sleeping area.

This footage shows the sleeping area including the amazing oval skylight and oval window opposite of the main door. It’s a wonderful sight to wake up to.

This tiny home has everything you need for a vacation stay . If you’re interested in purchasing or building such a home for a more permanent situation I recommend a short stay to experience it in real life. I’m sold!

+ Good price-quality balance

+ I visited the Village during the fall, taking lovely walks along the forest. It’s possible to go skiing during the winter, the nearest ski slope is only a 10 minute walk away. Do visit the Mehlmeisel town’s website for more info, spring and summer activities are available as well.

+ The Fichtelgebirge is situated in the Northern part of the Bavaria province. The nearest city is Bayreuth, where you can stroll down streets with beautiful 19th century architecture, visit musea or attend the annual Wagner festival in the summer.

+/- The Tiny house Village can be accessed by public transport as well. Do check the bus timetables ahead; the buses in this region operate on a much lower frequency than in the city.

+/- The hosts of the tiny house deliver freshly baked buns to your doorstep each morning. It is wise to bring your own coffee/tea, jam for at least the first morning and check opening hours of the local grocery store ahead if you plan on cooking (or snacking ;)

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